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Petition To End Daylight Savings.

The daylight saving time is a way which was invented to save the daylight during the second world war. The problem with this is that the impact is not just an hour of sleep lost. The impact is much bigger than we would like to admit. The impact of this to people having poor health and also having a circadian rhythm that is not productive at all. The impact is mostly seen on the quality of work that is produced on any particular day.

The are a lot effects of the daylight saving time. This includes where most people are not in a position to produce enough vitamin D in their body which leads to a lot of anomalies in the body. This will affect how a person thinks and also how they are physically. It will also alter the sleeping pattern of the individuals. If this is the case then there will be a lot of loss in the economy.

Employees are not productive if they are not allowed to sleep enough. This is especially immediately after the beginning of the daylight saving time. This time is characterized by more work-related injuries. This means that at this period there is going to be an increase in work-related injuries. After the beginging of the time there will be a lot of injuries in the different production areas. When this happens there will be a drag in the economy. This is because production is going to be at an all-time low.
This does not only affect the people who are working. It is important to note that students scoreless during this period. The students that suffer most are those in secondary school. The health of a lot of people deteriorates during this time. This is due to the little time which people are exposed to sunlight. This is because this affects how melatonin is produced. The hormone that promotes sleep is known as melatonin. This in most case will lead to insomnia in most individuals.

The production of melatonin will take a while before it is adjusted over the period of time. It has been noted that heart attacks are had during this period. The concept of daylight savings was introduced after the Second World War as a measure to save fuel and energy. At this period there is no energy being save because today a lot of things have changed and the world does not function the same way it used to. In any case today more fuel issued when it is hot with the air conditioners to cool off.

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