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Ways to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Harassment at Workplaces.

Sexual harassment and misconduct at a place of work is something that has been focused on a lot of the media in the recent past. No one wants to experience unwanted sexual tension because besides it being frustrating, it is also scary. No one should tolerate this kind of behavior at the working place. Despite them making an appearance from time to time on the news, the occurrences are much more. You ought to take complaints of sexual misconduct seriously and take the proper actions as soon as possible. In your company protocols, make sure there are some which focus on prevention of sexual harassment and misconduct. It is difficult for the victims to come out about the harassment and the offenders might be walking freely in your office because it is not easy to tell the traits of a person by looking at them. You should invest efforts and resources in making sure no sexual harassment goes on under your nose and make the space safe for everyone to work at.

When coming up with company policy, do not forget to add policies on sexual harassment. This is the best way to educate your staff about it. The policy should appear in the employee handbook and it should be touched on regular during office meetings. Make sure every behavior that can pass as sexual misconduct and harassment is outlined. Highlight the evident ones like threatening, stalking, catcalling, sending of unsolicited images and messages as well as groping. You need to define what sexual misconduct and harassment are too. Ensure you have explained why this is a subject of interest as well as how significant the associated behaviors are.

Besides the policy employees] being a legal base but also a blanket for victims. You need to ensure the steps which are to be followed in reporting sexual harassment and also the consequences of sexually assaulting or harassing an employee. Make sure you have let the team of employees know that this is not a war you are fighting alone but also the law of the land is clear on sexual harassment issues. If the offence can be proven, it is okay for the victim to take the matter to court. If found guilty, the offender should be relieved of the duties and ordered not to come close to the victim. Office chatter can be easily passed as gossip but you have to pay attention to this chatter because it carries an element of truth in many cases. It is not normal for people to be talking about something when there is nothing which can be pointed to its root which means sexual harassment talks have a root and it is this you should focus on if you do not want to be sorry later on.